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Size Guide

Deciding which poster size to get can be tricky.

We'd like to help you so here are a few helpful images where you can see the sizes of our posters against a human being.

Find the exact measurements next to the photos.


(W) 33.1 x (H) 46.8"

(W) 841 x (H) 1189 mm


(W) 23.4 x (H) 33.1"

(W) 594 x (H) 841 mm


(W) 16.5 x (H) 23.4"

(W) 420 x (H) 594 mm


(W) 11.7 x (H) 16.5"

(W) 297 x (H) 420 mm


(W) 8.3 x (H) 11.7"

(W) 210 x (H) 297 mm

And here they are next to each other