In The Beginning

Founded amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, Graficona became the heart of contemporary football art, dedicated to capturing the spirit of the beautiful game, one poster at a time. Our founder and certified football mad graphic designer spent the majority of his career working in Design and Brand Consultancies and eventually running his own consultancy. It was while working from home during the pandemic that he felt the need to revitalise his new home office, so he began his search for some inspirational posters to decorate his walls. After being completely underwhelmed by what was on offer and having time on his hands, his attention turned to his fist love, poster design and he set about designing some posters that he would be proud to hang on his walls to inspire and generally uplift his spirits.

The Idea That Caught Fire

After sharing his posters with family and friends (not to mention colleagues and clients on zoom calls), he received some wonderful feedback. An overwhelming mix of childhood nostalgia intertwined with a dash of emotion. The posters are a moment in time. They instantly transport you back to a time and a place, spent with people who made that moment so special. It became apparent that other people felt as passionate about the posters as he did, so it was time to find a way to make them available for everyone.

The Heart of Who We Are

All our artwork is designed and created in our in-house design studio, where our team of graphic designers and illustrators are working on our ever expanding collection of contemporary football art, designing minimalist posters that will look good on any wall, anywhere in your house, man cave, office, restaurant or even sports bar!

Supporting football isn’t just a hobby, it’s an identity

Everyone has his or her favorite football icons and heroes. They are a part of you, they define who you are.

Frenz Backenbauer Poster

We sell unique, retro posters steeped in football culture. We want to give you the means with which you can immortalise your footballing heroes, relive iconic football moments and bring back memories of iconic players. We’re constantly working on bringing you more and more posters so be sure to sign up to our email newsletter, so you won’t miss anything!