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the home of unique football posters. Contemporary Football Art.

Welcome to Graficona

Graficona believes that

Supporting football isn’t just a hobby, it’s an identity – everyone has their favourite football icons and heroes. They are a part of you, they define who you are.

So show who you are with our premium posters on your wall.


Our Most Loved Collections

How did it all start?

Graficona started off as a fun project of a football mad graphic designer to ease coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. When the first few football posters were shown to friends and family, amazing reactions and feedback were received. After seeing how much people were moved by the poster designs, flown back to their childhood memories and how much they wanted to have one of their favourite players, things escalated pretty quickly. We knew that they need to be made available for every football fan so they can celebrate their favourite sport, dress up their wall with beautiful football art.

We sell unique, modern but vintage-style, premium football posters. We want to give you means with which you can immortalise your heroes and legends, relive emblematic football moments and bring back memories of iconic players you admire.

Quality is the heart of who we are. Each of our illustrations are hand-drawn in our
in-house graphic studio where a whole team of graphic designers are working on
our ever-growing collection of football art. It is preceded by a detailed research and development to ensure that our football posters are unique and innovative, and the stats and information on them are true and correct. All our prints, canvases and other household items are printed on premium papers and
high-quality materials.

If you’d like to learn more about who we are, check out our About page!

Don't worry, we've got you!

Can you not find your favourite football icon?

Just email us on the contact page and tell us who it is you're looking for and we'll try to do our best to fill the gap.